Kinship Entertainment is an independent game development studio founded in May, 2016. Located in the brazilian city of São Paulo. Kinship is committed to making high-quality games with an emphasis on well-designed gameplay, competitiveness, and fun.

  • Why the name?

We’ve run through many names, and after much thought it’s been democratically decided that we would’ve been known as Kinship. Some of our developers did meet while working at past jobs, others did it while in college. Thing is, we’ve known one another for some time and have been good friends ever since. But, we share much more than just past experience and trust. We love playing (and working) with all kinds of games and interactive media. Taking into account that all the meanings of Kinship mostly revolve around a strong bond or similarity between the parts, our team has deemed it really fit to represent our work and us.

  • Conquering the Skydome

Our primary project is a competitive game called Skydome, it’s a fresh take on the battle arena genre with a fun tower defense twist. Players will be able to pick a champion from a diverse and expanding cast and take part on an online multiplayer battle alongside allies agains’t waves of enemies sent from the other competing team. All the while strategically summoning your own army of minions to conquer the enemy field. Skydome’s set to release globally for PCs on the Steam game platform. But really, we’re just flexing our muscles!

  • Want to talk to us?

We’d love to hear from you, our approach to the community is to be as open as we possibly can. If you have any kind of question, comment or feedback, be it related to one of our projects, business or life in general. We encourage you to visit our contact page and write us, or if you’d like we’re also readily available on Facebook and Twitter.

  • Join the Kin

We’re just getting started and our future is full of opportunities and adventures in the most diverse kind. If you’re interested in joining our team in the art of game making, write us.

‟At Kinship, what we value most is passion and loyalty”

– Kinship Team 

The Team